Robotic vision technologyBinocular Stereo Vision
Operation SystemFREERTOS
Dimension (mm) L x D x H40*40*8.6
Input voltage5V-12V
Cold start identification completion time0.6s
Working range0.3-1.5m
Communication modeSerial protocol
Coverage15° tilt mounting 1.2m/ covering 1.2-2m height
Power Consumption2.2W, standby0W
Frame Rate720P≥30fps
Display/TPNo inductive traffic, with/without screen
Operating temperature/humidity -20℃~70℃/10%~85%
Face library100
Recognition sceneDay and nignt
Registration methodSupport local registration, mobile or cloud registration
AlarmSupport trailing, mask, occlusion, wandering, hijacking situation alarm


Feature of Product

Easy to integrate and convenient to develop.

Smaller size and low power consumption.

Millisecond high speed cold start.

Complete the calculation process of live detection + face recognition, and output the image and recognition results to the HOST terminal through USB.

Wide Angle of view, full coverage of the scene

The facial features of the human body with a height range of 1.2-2 meters, children and the elderly available.

The face information can also be accurately captured in the weak light and dark.

Safe and reliable, high identification accuracy

Prevent two-dimensional static, three-dimensional head mold, mask and other attack means, strong anti-counterfeiting.

TAR > 99%, FAR= one in a million.

Support following, mask, occlusion, wandering, hijacking and other situations alarm.

Application scenarios


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